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  1. / May 07 2015
    Don't ever drop these
    These earrings are so cute once you get them on. And therein lies the problem - getting them on. They are really TINY. They are a real struggle to get them on because they are so tiny. The first time I tried them on, I dropped the largest piece on the floor. I spent 20 minutes on my hands and knees with a flashlight looking for it. The second time, I cleared off my sink and used my great lighted magnifying mirror. Dropped the large piece again; another 20 minutes. Once they are on, they are really cute and understated, but ask yourself if the struggle to get the three pieces on without dropping a piece is worth the full price of these earrings. I think not. The aesthetic design is great; the functionality of getting them on is really bad.
  2. / Apr 15 2015
    Lovely and unique
    These earrings are lovely and unique. I am seeing a lot of these "ear jacket" style earrings lately, but nowhere else has turquoise. I love them, and they seem to be pretty good quality. They are super tiny and dainty, but that is what I was expecting/wanting. I already have a similar pair that is just CZ, so I will just have to see how the turquoise color works into my wardrobe.
  3. / Jun 09 2015
    Beautifully unique
    I fell in love with these when I tried them on. The detail on these earrings is amazing. I love that I can wear them over and over and still get compliments about how unique they are. The only downside I would have is that they can be a little tricky getting them on, there are multiple holes which allows for different sized ear lobe which is great but sometimes hard to line up just right.
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  1. / May 21 2015
    Beautiful Studs
    These earrings are gorgeous. They are a bit smaller in real life than they look on the website so you cant see the detail of the flaws in the stone unless held right up to your eyes. But they add a pop of color to every outfit and are absolutely beautiful.
  2. / May 04 2015
    Simple and Elegant
    Gorgeous color blue that gives a pop to any outfit.
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  1. / Jun 02 2015
    love them!
    They are a little smaller than i expected however, these earrings are perfect for second holes or even cartilage piercing. I will still wear them normally because I personally like smaller studs. I definitely recommend!
  2. / May 30 2015
    Cute post!
    I ordered these in clear and really like them. They are a bit smaller than I imagined but I still love them. I wear them in my second hole and they match everything so I don't have to change them out.
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  1. / May 01 2015
    Simply Stunning
    As soon as I saw these earrings, I had to have them! They feature all my favorite colors and so should complement many outfits. They are substantial without being heavy. I tried them on and they don't seem to irritate my ears since they are gold-filled which is better than gold-plated. I have long dark hair which may not showcase the earrings but I love them so much I don't care.
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  1. / Jun 05 2015
    Lovely and light
    I just love these earrings! I love how light they are despite their being good quality. I don't like how heavy earrings can be sometimes. The pair I got do not have a blue streak running through the stone, but I don't mind that. I can't tell if the picture shows it or not, but the light purple stone has a slight iridescence that is nice. And just in case it matters, the fringe makes a gentle noise when moving your head.
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  1. / May 21 2015
    Flirty & Fun
    Nice design; not sure about color
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