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  • Brûle pendant 85 heures
  • mélange de cire paraffine et soja, parfum
  • Hauteur de 5 po, diamètre de 4 po
  • 24 oz
  • États-Unis
  • Aloha : orchidées fraîchement cueillies, jasmin et gardénia, entrelacés de fleurs blanches
  • Volcano : fruits tropicaux, oranges, citrons et limes enrobés de sucre au parfum évoquant la végétation de montagne
  • Hibiscus Teakwood : un parfum floral romantique de teck, de santal et de vétiver mélangé à du gingembre sensuel, de l'ambre épicé et un cœur d'hibiscus et de fleur de tabac
  • Numéro de style : 19851559


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Rated 4 out of 5 by Beautiful & intoxicating, but BEWARE of burn time! REALLY love the scent of the Volcano candle. It's a little more than I normally spend on a candle, but I picked this out as part of a birthday shopping trip my husband gave me. BE ADVISED that the first burn needs to be AT LEAST 5 hours--long enough to melt the entire top evenly (not just a circle around the wick). This is supposed to have a total burn time of 87ish hours, but I definitely didn't get close to that. Mine burned straight down, leaving at least 50% of the wax in the jar. I called Capri Blue customer service and they said the first long burn is essential to getting these to burn evenly/straight down every time. I'll try again with another one of these, but at $28 a pop, they should come with a sticker or something calling that out! Disappointed in the quality but the scent is so dang intoxicating that I have to have another. February 19, 2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by WONDERFUL I love the Volcano candle so much; it smells so wonderful and the smell remains even after its blown out. I would never give anything below 5 stars because I love this candle so much but I will say that the wick tends to burn all the way down before all the wax is gone. It's a shame because that means wasted candle. To fix this, I purchased some wicks (very cheap - only $3 for 10) and put the candle in a pot filled with about an inch of water. I heated it until all the wax was melted and pulled out the old wick with tweezers. Then I put in a new one. While I was at it, I actually combined the melted wax of 2 candles into one. Now I have an almost full candle and lots of wicks to last forever! May 16, 2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Amazing scent but HORRIBLE burn This is my favorite scent of ALL the candles that I own across all companies. The quality is phenomenal and the scent is amazing. I have no idea how this scent isn't overwhelming but definitely fills any sized room. HOWEVER - the quality of this burn is HORRIBLE. It pools in the middle ONLY and leaves the edges of the candle (half of the candle) unused. The wick burns out before you can use half of this candle! I have bought another candle in this scent just because I love it SO much - however - this new candle I bought is doing the SAME thing! For how much I spent on it - there should be SOME way that ALL of the candle can be used instead of wasting half of it. I will continue to purchase this scent but BEWARE. I am trying to figure out how to de-pot it and still use the other half of the candle November 4, 2012
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