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Couette Georgina

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Coté 4 sur 5 par classy bedding I recently wanted to update my bedroom and when I laid eyes on the Georgina bedding, I was in love! I read many of the reviews because I have NEVER had white bedding before and I was nervous to purchase. When I first received the Euro and standard shams, I immediately removed them from their packages and laid them flat. I thought I needed to iron the flowers on the Euro shams based on what I read about them being wrinkled and not fluffy, BUT I figured out to spray a little Frebreeze Fabric spray on the shams and turn my ceiling fans on, they easily fluffed right up. Because this worked so well, I laid the duvet on my bed and also sprayed it with the Frebreeze worked like a charm! Many reviews said that their bedding "fluffiness" did not look like that of the website pictures, so I actually purchased a down comforter for the duvet AND a fluffy blanket. This added some fluff and volume instantly! I do agree that the standard shams are not worth the price...but the Euro shams are absolutely GORGEOUS! I read that some shoppers were not happy with the I decided to buy a cheap white bedskirt at Target and put it on my bed first, and then put the Georgina bedskirt on top of it. I am VERY pleased with the way this worked out! I am very happy that I purchased this bedding! Thank you Anthro! 22 janvier 2012
Coté 5 sur 5 par Beautiful, but takes a bit of work I ordered the queen sized duvet. I love this bedding, but it took a great deal of work to get it to look as it does online. When I took the duvet out of the packaging, I was really dispointed because the flowers were crumpled up. In fact, they didn?t even look like flowers, just ripped up bits of fabric. I didn?t have the guts to throw it in the washer and dryer as a previous poster did, so I took the duvet to the dry cleaners, hoping that would help make the flowers poof up. It didn?t?and perhaps that is the fault of the cleaners, I don?t know. In the end, I wound up steaming and ironing each individual flower petal. It took all morning, but the results were worth the effort. The flowers look voluminous, and the duvet now looks as shown in the pictures online. The duvet is gorgeous. Feminine and romantic, without looking ?girl-ish? or over the top. Very tasteful, but unique. I agree with the poster that said a queen insert may be too small for the queen duvet. I actually used a king sized summer weight comforter in my queen duvet, and it worked pretty well. I would imagine a queen comforter might be a little small. For those who have extra thick mattresses (like a pillowtop), you may need to order up a size. My queen mattress is 8-inches thick. The queen sized duvet just barely hangs below the mattress, so I?m really glad I ordered the bed skirt. I don?t think the queen duvet would have worked very well if my mattress was thicker. As of now, I have only one complaint. When I got the duvet, one of the buttons came off in my hand as I was buttoning it up. I expect to at least have secure buttons considering I paid nearly 400 $ USD the duvet. 3 juillet 2011
Coté 4 sur 5 par Wasn't love at first sight... When I first took it out of the package I thought I had made a mistake - it was flat and stiff and looked nothing like the photo. It felt like I should have spent 36 $ USD not 368 $ USD. However, my husband was optimistic, so going completely against what the tag suggested (dry-clean only), I threw it in the wash on gentle cold and then in the dryer on low. It came out perfect! It didn't shrink and now it's fluffy and gorgeous. Le 3 juin 2011
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GRIS FONCÉ N° de style : 093707 Des dahlias géants à dimensions prennent vie sur un voile en coton doux. Couette Georgina