Bougie en bocal Capri Blue

Coté 4,8 sur 5 par 24 les évaluateurs.
Coté 4 sur 5 par Very Nice Candle! This candle smells amazing. It's a little fruity, but not overly so. The scent really fills a space without being overly powerful. However, after it burns about 1/3 to 1/2 way down, the scent is gone. It must be poured on top and burns off quicker than the rest of the candle. Kind of a bummer, but still a nice candle. 16 novembre 2012
Coté 5 sur 5 par Love this candle One day I was in one of my local Anthro's and paid attention to the candles for a change. I know they usually burn the Volcano scent in the stores, but I think that day they were using Aloha. I smelled both candles and I know I'm in the minority, but I like the Aloha scent a little better than the Volcano scent. Either one is great though and very calming. I can't comment extensively on the wick, etc. because I burn very few candles in general. I'm actually on my first Aloha candle right now (the one in the large blue jar). I'm about half way through it and so far no wick problems. 18 décembre 2012
Coté 5 sur 5 par The Best Scent In The World This candle my be considered pricey by some, but it is worth every penny. The housing is attractive and it burns forever. Anthropologie makes several scents and I do plan to try some of the others. le 28 mars 2013
Volcan N° de style : 19851559 Une version revisitée et rafraîchissante de la bougie, conçue pour se consumer pendant des heures tout en libérant son parfum. Les essences naturelles et les élégants contenants contemporains fabriqués à partir de verre recyclé ajoutent un petit quelque chose dans chaque pièce. Bougie en bocal Capri Blue