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Typeface Sheet Set

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Coté 1 sur 5Â par Nightmare First let me say I was SO EXCITED when I opened these sheet. Beautiful and soft and very fun. As I would usually do, I washed the sheets before putting on bed....and that is when the greatness fell apart. The type strips on edges are ribbon like material and are sewn on with one seam right down the middle. That means that when you remove from washer they are curled up on edges. I tried ironing them and it would have taken me all day. SO SAD, what a great product. If you do buy these, I would take to an alterations person and have them stitch down each piece of ribbon. But then they shouldn't cost this much. Le 2 juin 2012
Coté 2 sur 5Â par I wish i would have read the reviews as much as i love the typeface along the border, the material after two washes creates lots of fuzzballs within the sheets and the typeface ribbon curled up. I didn't mind the curling, but i really hate the fuzzballs.. unfortunately there's not much you can do about it besides not washing your sheets, but who's going to do that? Save your money and buy a different set le 4 mars 2013
Coté 4 sur 5Â par Love these sheets I love to read -- and these sheets really suit my style. The other reviewer noted that the small ribbon strips of text curl when you wash them. That was my experience, too -- but I really like them curled. I actually prefer that look. It looks more vintage and aged that way. I recommend -- especially at the sale price! le 2 mars 2013
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IVOIRE N° de style : 22774061 Slim lengths of twill tape are printed with text and stitched to the edges of soft sateen. By Obsidienne. Typeface Sheet Set