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Assiette plate Château de Sissinghurst

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Coté 5 sur 5 par BEAUTIFUL, PRACTICAL PLATES I took a deep breath & ordered 6 of these after seeing them in the store. I'd been looking for smaller plates for two years, and these are the perfect size for people who want to downsize the amount of food on their plates, but not have the plate look half empty. I told my husband I had ordered new plates, and he berated me for being a needless spendthrift, but after they arrived he said they were so beautiful, and he's now telling our guests that HE selected them! They are not heavy, and beautiful & perfect for our purpose (less food on the plate!). My only question is whether they will prove to be durable. They're from China, and most of the pottery from China is low-fired & chips easily. But for this price, I'm hoping they will look as good 3 years from now as they do today, and I'm willing to gamble a fair amount of money that they will. 16 février 2012
Coté 5 sur 5 par Happiness on a plate! I started with just one of these because I thought the pattern was so pretty. That one salad plate has become the "happy" plate. Whoever gets their breakfast served on it feels special! I'm ordering more so everyone feels special. I was very pleased with the quality. The colors are vibrant. Mine appears a bit more red than orange, as it looks online, and has a shiny glaze. We hand wash so I don't know how it does in the dishwasher but it still looks brand new after several months of near constant use. The salad plate is the perfect size if you want to control portion size. I'm planning to use the salad plates with a solid color dinner plate and solid napkins to make them pop. Le 1 mai 2013
Coté 5 sur 5 par I absolutely LOVE these bowls. I was a little nervous about buying them at first because I had seen some reviews saying that they are smaller than expected. In my opinion, they are a great size. My only problem I have had with them is that although they are beautiful, it is hard to find other matching dishes. Unless you get the same exact pattern for your plate, the colors are so unique that finding a plate in even a similar color will be tough. I ended up just getting a plain yellow plate, and it looks fine. 3 août 2012
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MULTI N° de style : 23730187 Des pensées rouges, des macranthas jaunes, des fleurs du Nil bleues, peintes à la main, fleurissent toute l'année dans le jardin de votre vaisselle. Assiette plate Château de Sissinghurst