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Tapis de bain Sechura

Coté 3,2 sur 5 par 6 les évaluateurs.
Coté 2 sur 5 par MEH... Much longer, more rectangular shape than how it appears in the picture. Quality is not quite as good as expected - the loops are not dense enough and you can see the base of the rug in some places, almost like "bald spots." The fringe is annoying, and there is no rubber backing so the rug slides all over the place when you walk on it. Disappointing overall. 15 février 2012
Coté 2 sur 5 par Disappointed. This product is absolutely beautiful, the colors have livened up our bathroom. Unfortunately, I don't think it will make it too long. I have only had it a few months and it looks like I have owned it for years. Only two of us live in our house so it doesn't get much wear and tear but the loops are already coming out of the rug backing, the fringe comes off daily, and the rug shows noticeable spots that are missing material allowing the ugly rug backing to show through. Very disappointed, I bought the towels from this set and they are holding up wonderfully. Now I just need to find a better rug to match. Le 31 mai 2012
Coté 1 sur 5 par Beautiful but falls apart I saw this rug in store and I loved it. I decided to splurge and get the 80 $ USD-non-designer rug. Unfortunately, It showed some signs of wear and started to unravel immediately. It is just 2 of us in our home so I was a little surprised. I tried pulling the loops back in order by hand (seriously) and it held up for a week longer than fell apart again. This was without washing it, and I DOUBT this would make it through a hand wash or machine wash. Now I have to see if they will take it back, it's been in a bag in my car for a month! Le 4 juin 2013
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IVOIRE N° de style : 23780950 Ce tapis décoré de franges est fait de coton touffeté dans des rayures rappelant le ciel, le sable, les rochers et le soleil. Tapis de bain Sechura