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Iznik Braided Scarf

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Coté 4 sur 5 par So warm! This was one of those items that didn't catch my eye at first. In fact, I probably walked by the scarf a few different times before actually noticing it. It's simple, subtle in design, but there's something old fashion and lovely to it. There's no printed design or glitter or ruffles. It's just a beautifully warm, braided scarf. Upon closer inspection you'll notice that this scarf is less knitted and more braided. I love the way it looks, but it is a little fragile (hence the four stars). There's black thread that is weaved into it that sometimes comes loose. Honestly, I just tucked it right back into the braids. If you want a darling, brilliant colored scarf that will actually keep your neck warm, I suggest this scarf. 6 novembre 2012
Coté 3 sur 5 par Beautiful! but horrendous Okay so i bought this scarf and I still believe that it's absolutely a beautiful scarf with a great design, however the thing sheds like CRAZY. The yarn will just rip off the ends and stick onto whatever it touches. Honestly if i wear this around for a day i will find it all over the rest of my clothes/as well as almost everything i touch. It will keep you warm, but you will have to deal with its shedding. 18 janvier 2013
Coté 2 sur 5 par ARRRGH - Sheds like crazy!!! Within seconds my cotton shirt was covered in red fuzz, all in the hood/lining of my jacket and when I got to CrossFit - the rope I climbed was covered in an aura of red fuzz from me (which I ate and inhaled on the way down). Cute, unique design, really poorly executed. I have enough extraneous red fur to make a celeb purse-dog! Picture of my shirt looking down... 6 février 2013
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