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Fox Intarsia Sweater

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Coté 3 sur 5 par 300 $ USD sweater it ain't I saw this sweater in the store and loved the way it was styled with a large chunky necklace and some jeans. Not to mention this sort of thing is right up my alley. Then I pulled out the price tag. 288 buckeroos. With tax that's over 300 $ USD. The sales lady in the dressing room complimented my selection, and I pointed out to her how much it was. "Oh, but it's really good quality," she said. I looked at the tag again, and it says "merino wool". A little googling told me that yes, merino wool is supposed to be nice. Trying the sweater on, yes, it's a fine sweater. The sort of classic neckline and overall elegance you would expect from J Crew or something. It's a little blousy around the arms, but I liked that. The color is a fantastic maroon. However...300 $ USD??? I've never thought myself cheap when it comes to Anthro sweaters-- I am well-prepared to shell out 150 $ USD or even 200 $ USD for one. But I honestly couldn't see what made this sweater better than the 150 $ USD-200 sweaters I've bought in the past. There is nothing about it that warrants the extra 100 $ USD. I can't recommend anyone buying this until it goes on sale. 5 octobre 2012
Coté 1 sur 5 par 300. What.!? The sales girl and I laughed at this. We thought this was hysterical. I asked her to guess how much. She guessed 88 $ USD. Then 128 $ USD. Then 148 $ USD. Bahaha. And she works there! It was a new style that someone had just brought out and she hadn't seen it yet. Even when I said it was orla keily she was like 148 $ USD? either way, we had fun and I ended up buying several other sweaters that I did enjoy. For the rich people out there who want to know, this runs really small and really short. It's very thick merino wool so it would probably last a long time. I wear a 12/L and the L was pretty slim fitting so if you're between I would size up. The sleeves are longer that normal short sleeve sweaters but not quite elbow length. It's pretty cute so if it goes on crazy sale, I may reconsider. 13 octobre 2012
Coté 4 sur 5 par Considering this beautiful sweater despite price If you chose to purchase this sweater (in the black and white colorway, not as cute) directly from the designer's website in the UK your cost would be 371 $ USD with shipping. I find Anthro tends to have better prices on many of their offerings than if you get the same item elsewhere. You are paying for the design, the small size of the production run, the quality of the materials, and the production method (intarsia knit, not a print.) Giving it four stars in anticipation of great quality because I have to enter something. What I really want to know from a reviewer before I make my purchase is how soft this sweater is. I am sensitive to scratchy wool, but do fine with very soft smooth wool. I'd also like to know how short the body runs. Can anyone comment? Thanks. 7 octobre 2012
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MOTIF POURPRE N° de style : 25145814 We love conversational prints for their quirkiness and novelty. The bushy-tailed pattern of this merino wool pullover is perfect for pairing with dotted denim or a bright skirt. By Orla Kiely. Fox Intarsia Sweater