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Alpine Meadow Armwarmers

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Coté 3 sur 5Â par Just OK. My title says it all. While the colours are extremely beautiful and I love the design, these armwarmers are not as thick and cushy as they appear in the picture. They are thinner than expected and not as long as I thought by looking at the product shot. The knit is actually a larger gauge than you would think by looking at them. While the design concept was a great idea, this item is not worth the price and should only cost half as much (seeing as I could have knit these myself for half the price). They will be warmish, but not as snuggly as I first thought on sight. Great idea/concept...but just 'meh' on the execution. These are more wrist/lower forearm warmers than armwarmers. I just think that they're ok, but maybe they'll grow on me. 30 octobre 2012
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