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Collier nœud de marin à paillettes

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Coté 5 sur 5Â par Statement piece I really love this necklace. I purchased it initially to wear with my navy striped sailor top, sticking with the whole sailor theme, but now I also love it with my favorite maxi dress, cardigan, and boots this winter, it really made the outfit. So I have worn it against my skin for most of the day. I didn't find it to be painful as was suggested by another reviewer. It left no marks on my skin. Very pretty, but I did wait for a sale before purchasing. 18 janvier 2013
Coté 2 sur 5Â par Rough on my neck I loved the look of this online and waited for it to go on sale before I ordered it. I wish I had been able to try it on before purchasing it. Like another reviewer said, it does rub your skin. I wore it for 5 minutes to test out how it would feel, and when I took it off, I had red marks near my collar bone. Not the look I was going for... le 14 mars 2013
Coté 1 sur 5Â par Extremely large, very sharp edges, will ruin shirt I was so disappointed when I saw this in person! I was expecting more of a choker length - the necklace is actually quite large and will hang down below the neckline of your shirt. That presents another problem as the facets are very sharp! I didn't even get the necklace fastened before it grabbed my tank top and pulled a thread loose. There are also several of the little stones missing already (it was received that way). One of my coworkers who saw me take it out of the box has dubbed it a "torture necklace" and shuddered at the thought of what those facets would actually do to your skin with prolonged wear. 30 août 2012
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ROSE N° de style : 25696980 Reconnue comme l'une des designers les plus remarquables de l'Inde et pour son penchant pour l'inattendu, Ranna Gill crée des vêtements originaux à partir de matériaux inhabituels et de combinaisons de couleurs innovatrices. Tous ses magnifiques designs, comme cette création nautique, recouverte de bijoux, sont faits à la main en Inde. Collier nœud de marin à paillettes