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Pendulum Hoops

Coté 2,8 sur 5Â par 6 les évaluateurs.
Coté 2 sur 5Â par These earrings were ridiculously heavy, especially with the tiny rubber backs provided. I tried using sturdier flat earring backs of my own but they still weighed down my ear. They're also just a little too big for me and the shiny tourquise beading almost looked like something a little girl would wear. The wire droops looks sad within minutes of wearing. I was hoping that these would be a great statement pair for nights out, but had to return. 26 février 2013
Coté 3 sur 5Â par Flashy I love big flashy earrings but I am on the fence about these. In person they look a bit too costumy for my taste. They are also made with a softer wire which can bend easily so I wonder if they will keep their shape while I wear them. I want to try to make them work because they are different but think they could boarder on making me look ridiculous. 16 janvier 2013
Coté 1 sur 5Â par Absurdly Garish and Cheap These might look like a good idea in a daring, bold, "I shop at Anthro because I can pull off just about anything no matter how ridiculous you might think it looks when you first see it" sort of way, but they're a disaster. They wire is flimsy and loses its shape easily. The blue beads are too shiny and glossy and just look really cheap. The weight of the earrings pulls them down so that the stud doesn't even fit flush with the surface of your year; it looks like the earring in the picture on the left. The stud hangs down because of the weight of the hoop. So uneven and misshapen. just let these go, unless you feel like attracting a lot of attention for problematic reasons. 30 janvier 2013
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