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Tabitha Dress

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Coté 3 sur 5 par If the price were lower... It's tough to write a review for this dress, because it is so beautiful and fun to have on but also has so many issues that I cannot ignore. First let me start by saying that this dress is so unique, I love the cut and the styling. It fits me true to size- I wear a 0 and am 34" 24" 35". I loved the cool dove gray color and the soft faux suede material felt lovely. The dress will make you feel like a modern day princess. But despite all this- I was unable to be completely won over by this dress because of some glaring flaws. For one thing the stomach area of the dress does not lay flat and smooth as it does on the model. Beneath the bust there is lots of fabric folds. It is a result of the cut of the dress. Unless you stand up perfectly straight at all times you will get these folds because of how fitted it is at the waist with slightly more room in the bust. Perhaps this cut would have been more successful if it had boning or was a true corset style. These folds under the bust make the dress look sloppy, and is not helped by the fact that the stitching of the dress is not pristine but instead it looks very handmade- as if I had sewn the dress myself. For the money I do not want a dress that looks like that. Another issue I had was that the braided parts of the dress had little odd bits of material that stuck out here and there because of the laser cutting in the material. The faux suede material is soft and lovely, but I HATE the polyester lining. It generates a lot of static very quickly and clings to you which feels annoying and also takes a lot of poof out of the dress. I have noticed lots of polyester offerings from anthropologie lately and am so frustrated by it. If this dress had a lovely thick cotton liner it would have gotten me to look past the other flaws, but to pay this much for cheap polyester material does not work for me. I also felt that the dress was too short- having an open bust and open back and also having this hit a few inches above my knees was just too much, I felt very exposed. I am only 5'2" so if you are very will probably look reallllly short on you. I also question the longevity of this dress, I do not feel that the quality is good enough to have for years and years, I can see it falling apart fairly quickly. I had pined after this dress for months- it was one of my favorite dresses on this website, but when I saw it in person and it had absolutely no weight to it and just didn't feel like a quality dress I was let down. It is hard for me to turn my back on it though because it is so unique despite its flaws. This dress should have been priced around 100 $ USD or less. It is a lovely design, and maybe with better materials it could live up to its 288 $ USD price tag. 6 décembre 2012
Coté 3 sur 5 par So disappointed... I've been stalking this dress ever since it showed up online and was so happy when it finally went on sale. I've read that there is some bulging of the fabric in the stomach area so I thought if I sized down one size I would resolve that problem. I was so excited when the package finally arrived today and was not disappointed when I opened it and felt the soft fabric and saw the beautiful details. Unfortunately, my excitement was gone the moment I put on the dress and looked at myself in the mirror. The bodice part of this dress is cut very weird. It was too big in the waist and way too tight in the bust. I could get it zipped up but my breasts were so crushed - it looked simply horrible. I agree with the first reviewer that the bodice would have needed some boning to give it more structure. But I doubt that it would have looked much better if I had stuck to my normal size because although it would have fit better in the bust there would haven been even more fabric bulging in the stomach area. So unfortunately back it goes and I am considering ordering the Tabitha skirt instead. For reference I am 5'8, 35-26/27-39 and I tried the size 2. 17 janvier 2013
Coté 5 sur 5 par A darling dress! Color is a wonderful, cool, pale grey and the quality of the eyelet fabric is excellent. Only major problem for me is it is for virtually flat chested women because there is so little room and no structure in top. Great length! You have to have the right body type for this dress and I wish that I did! 23 février 2013
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GRIS N° de style : 26091926 Une création Made In Kind .

When Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein met as young fashion-industry interns in New York, they quickly bonded over mutual loves of history, travel and dressing up. Their collection for us, Vessel by Timo, was inspired by style icon Loulou De La Falaise. This lasercut ultra-suede dress - Timo¿s and Alan¿s favorite in the collection - brilliantly combines a sweet pattern with an alluring cut.
Tabitha Dress