Iced Dew Bracelet Set

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Coté 4 sur 5 par Questionable quality, but versatile piece I am not an accessory wearer and usually have a baby on my arm these days, making bracelets tough to pull off. A friend suggested these as a way to bling up simple outfits and I bit. I got the green version and wore the heck out of them for three weeks. Compliments were abundant; jeans and tanks looked more gussied up and my new-mom-look was more polished overall. (Look at my wrists! Ignore the dark undereye circles! ;) Then two of the stones in the bigger green bracelet came loose. They turned sideways and looked on the verge of falling out. I took it back to the store and they exchanged it So far my second bracelet is holding up fine, but I may treat it with more care and wear it less often. This is a pricey costume piece and the quality should hold up for more than a few weeks . . . One person who complimented the bracelet was my son's teacher. I ended up buy her the purple version for Christmas. I think it's worth noting that the two versions read very differently: the purple one has a silver band and the colors are more "shiny shiny" and less neutral. The green one has more of an opal-effect and therefore can pick up the colors in an outfit better. 21 décembre 2012
Coté 5 sur 5 par Dazzling and darling Love this bracelet set. Each bracelet can hold its own alone, or can be worn together in any combination as deliciously dazzling arm candy. Can be worn with a sleek evening dress or a simple t-shirt and jeans, so versatile. Perfect for the holidays! 3 décembre 2012
Coté 1 sur 5 par Sadly Disappointed This set of bracelets looked beautiful in the picture- love the mint green & complimentary color combo, & although a little pricy, I had high hopes ordering for the first time from Anthropologie. TERRIBLY diasappointed. When I first opened the package, one of the stones had already fallen out - as the gold clasps around each gem are of very cheap quality & don't fit snugly. On further examination of the set - the white band underneath the rhinestones that keep it together was alredy broken on one & sticking out. What did I get for almost 40 $ USD?? A cheap looking set of bracelets that, in my opinion, aren't worth 5 $ USD. 14 décembre 2012
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