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Coté 5 sur 5 par Undecided...At First. Let me start by saying I have rarely ever worn jewelry with rhinestones, but I saw this necklace online, loved the style, and thought I'd give it a try. When it came I could not decide if I liked it enough to keep it or not. The design is lovely, the double chain solid and good looking, the clasp secure. The beads are a great combination of colors and separated by links, each with a row of small, subtle rhinestones. My issue was with the rather brassy gold colored "petals" with the black beads in their centers and the large fall of 5 connected rhinestone strands. That seemed to exceed my "gaudy meter". Still, there was something about the necklace that appealed. I couldn't quite get myself to return it. I waffled, I asked my husband what he thought (he liked it) and, finally, I wore it and went to my nearest Anthropologie, where I am well known, and asked for opinions. Everyone I asked liked it. By this time I had decided that I really did too, and that it was time to step out of my comfort zone and go with something that is delightfully, unabashedly bling. Since then I have found that it goes with quite a number of outfits and that I wear it more than I ever thought I would. Ironically, it is now one of my favorite necklaces. It may not be for everyone, but, as it turns out, it was just right for me after all. 23 février 2013
Coté 3 sur 5 par Not high quality I saw this necklace on the model wearing the dog dress. It appeared to be shorter in the photo. It lays on top of the dress and I had hoped it would sit above the dress instead. I'll be returning it. Quality of the beads, etc is pretty cheap for the price of the necklace. 8 février 2013
Coté 3 sur 5 par Expected better This necklace is super cute in the photo as well as on. But I made the mistake of getting my perfume on the orange beads. They bled immediately and all over the white beads which now look pink. I expected better from a necklace of this price. I would buy again and just make sure to keep the necklace away from moisture. 25 février 2013
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