Crochets lettres

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Coté 4 sur 5 par I thought the hooks would be more sleek in design. The paint makes them a little more rustic than I hoped, but they still look great. 15 décembre 2009
Coté 4 sur 5 par handy hooks Bought one for myself and my daughter to hang our Anthro kitchen aprons up on. They're certainly capable of supporting something heavier than an apron if that's what you need. Also, the design blends well with the rest of the room etc. as other reviewers have said- the design isn't so specific that it couldn't be used by anybody, anywhere.There are never any screws or hardware included with any purchase of this type, and it would be nice to have screws included as long as the finish matched with the product being purchased. It would certainly look nicer than the silver finish nails and screws I end up using. These look very nice though, and I'd buy them a gift for someone else too. They have a universal appeal...and function. le 22 avril 2011
Coté 5 sur 5 par Lovely Letter I saw this on line after I had been looking for a replacement for a hook my father installed that was muted and classy. This was the perfect hook. You can tell it is a well made bit, but it isn't very heavy. It was a little smaller than I thought it would be, but I think that was an mis-interpretation on my part. Le 13 juin 2011
UNE COULEUR N° de style : 570081 Épelez-le avec des crochets en métal moulés en une police serif rétro et peints en blanc poli. Crochets lettres