Support à crochet Kryptos

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Coté 5 sur 5Â par Got this in the pewter color. It's large and distinctive. It's sturdy enough to hang anything - necklaces, scarves, and of course, keys. The one annoying thing is that it does not come with hardware. We've tried two stores and couldn't find screws that match. 16 février 2010
Coté 5 sur 5Â par Just got this in the mail and I'm very happy with it, but as other customers have said, it is very disappointing that the hardware is not included. I got the iron color and while finding screws to fit it is no problem (I got 2 flat phillips head screws for woodwork, 6X, 1 and 1/2 length, totaling 15 cents), no one has screws that match the color. I am going to try and darken the screws with a darkening solution. Other than the screws, the key hook itself is great. It sits flat against the wall and has knobs on the end of each hook to keep things from accidentally falling off. 7 juillet 2013
Coté 5 sur 5Â par Fun key rack! I love this item! I have it hanging in my kitchen between the counters and cabinets. There really isn't much to say about it -- it's exactly what you would expect from the picture. Nice quality, fun design. It definitely beats throwing my keys on the counter like I used to do! 21 août 2009
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ARGENTÉ N° de style : 770550 Les dents ciselées, érodées en métal brossé d'un passe-partout géant vous invitent à déverrouiller des portes cachées ou au moins à y accrocher vos clés afin de toujours vous rappeler où elles sont. Support à crochet Kryptos