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Mini crèmes pour mains Lollia

Coté 4,1 sur 5Â par 22 les évaluateurs.
Coté 1 sur 5Â par Extremely Small This mini hand cream is much too small for its steep price, especially when compared to the value of the larger version. I love love love the smell and quality of this product, but ultimately this mini cream is the size of a sample and should not be sold for eight dollars. 16 décembre 2009
Coté 5 sur 5Â par Cute but small I do suggesat that you buy the bigger one even if its more because the smaller is just too tiny for 8 bucks, however the "WISH" one smells so good and the smell lasts for so long, maybe it doesn't help too much with dry skin i think its good for normal skin. 21 février 2010
Coté 2 sur 5Â par Everybody loves Wish..... I love Anthro and I am flat-out addicted to shopping at Anthro on-line. For this reason, I rely heavily on customer reviews before I buy anything. The reviews for products in "vanity/beauty & fragrance" are really awesome. I have to say how much I appreciate the amount of detail people use to help others. There were dozens of reviews on the Lollia hand cream- specifically the scent WISH. This scent was raved by many and described overall as a scent you-can't-go-wrong, etc. Obviously, taste in scents are completely subjective but when i read so many people convey- you can't go wrong with WISH, I bought it. The quality, is okay (could be better), and others did say this as well. But the scent....I just don't get it but again it's subjective. The scent reminds me of nuts, and baby powder dabbed with a heavy scented perfume from way back when. Not appealing to me but I am highly out-numbered. Weigh the reviews and compare them to the type of scents you like. (For reference, I am into citrus, "woodsy" scents. I used to wear&still appreciate the scent of Angel. Also love & miss the old school Aveda scents no matter what product.). Le 17 juin 2013
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Finalement N° de style : 771071 Les petites gâteries de Lollia sont une force considérable. De toutes petites boîtes décrivant d'élégantes scènes de flore et de faune contiennent des tubes de beurre de karité hydratant, enrichi d'infusions botaniques qui lui donnent un doux arôme. Mini crèmes pour mains Lollia