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Cirrus Sheet Set

Coté 3,3 sur 5 par 24 les évaluateurs.
Coté 2 sur 5 par fair These sheets are beautiful, but in order to look good, they need to be pressed, because they wrinkle terribly. They are not the softest either. I could not sleep comfortably in them because they are stiff and crisp. They haven't softened after 4 months of washing. 6 décembre 2009
Coté 3 sur 5 par Little Disappointing for the price I've been looking at these sheets for almost a year. They are so pretty and simple. I found a quilt that went on sale, so I went for it. Unfortunately, these sheets are so not soft. They feel like crispy paper. For the price, I expected them to be much softer. I am hoping they will soften after multiple washes. At least they look nice. 4 octobre 2010
Coté 3 sur 5 par Horrible Material I love the style of this bedding set. I've mixed it with the Chantelaine bedding set and it looks really sharp. However, the fabric of these sheets is horrible. Sleeping on them the first night was very uncomfortable. They're not improving after washes but they're more bearable. Plus, they loose their shape after washes and wrinkle so easily. I would recommend buying a cheaper sheet set from somewhere else in cream. I wish that's how I had spent my money instead. le 28 mars 2010
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GRIS N° de style : 79312 C'est vraiment le bon côté de cet article. A smooth expanse of cotton gives way to gathered borders, fluffy and full with ruffled volume. Cirrus Sheet Set