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Coté 5 sur 5Â par Coconut Macaroon... Happifying So I bought this candle a few days ago in coconut macaroon, and had the lid closed. Yesterday I painted my room, and today I had the brilliant idea to open the candle lid up to see if that darned paint smell would go away. And did it ever! My room now smells entirely of amazing, sweet, calming coconut! It doesn't even need to burn to fill up a room, and the room I just painted is very large and my windows are open. Also, it goes perfectly with the theme of my room, which is sort of vintage-simplicity and airy-elegant with a light cozy feel. The jar looks like it is a little "cracked" and its glossy. I will definitely keep it once it has burned out to use it for something else since its so cute! It conveniently has a little rubber inlay in the lid, which makes taking on and off the lid very easy, and unlike actual vintage jars, none of that scratchy feeling when you open it. I feel like this is one of those things that will make me happy every time I revisit it (like any other Anthropologie product really). Very pleased, and in the future I will most likely always buy my candles from Anthro (I smelled the cinnamon one, and it reminded me of Christmas, so maybe I will come Winter!) 3 août 2012
Coté 5 sur 5Â par Seriously Yummy... Got a Spoon? I love these candles (long lasting, rich aroma), and I find them to be so mouthwatering that I tried to capture the scent of Whipped Cream and Pear in a smoothie. If you are like me... stop! Don't eat the wax! Please find the link to my recipe below and feel free to share! Thanks Illume & Anthro for a very yummy (smelling) product! Le 3 mai 2012
Coté 5 sur 5Â par love love love! 13 octobre 2011
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Soufflé à la citrouille N° de style : 993434 Avec un héritage de plus de 20 ans, la marque de parfum Illume basée au Minnesota est surtout connue pour ses bougies à combustion propre luxueusement parfumées. Chaque parfum unique est fabriqué à la main à partir d'ingrédients alimentaires entièrement naturels, comme la cire de noix de coco et des huiles essentielles, créant une atmosphère invitante lorsque vous les allumez. Les arômes appétissants de desserts français s'échappent de ces répliques de poteries parisiennes rétro. Bougie en bocal Boulangerie