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Coté 5 sur 5 par Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon I LOVE this candle. I've been looking for something to make my apartment smell nice and cozy without being too sweet and overpowering. This scent is the best. It makes my studio apartment smell delicious and cozy like I just baked something but it doesn't smell sickeningly sweet like a lot of air fresheners. The jar has a nice look as well. 16 octobre 2011
Coté 1 sur 5 par Does not burn properly I love the scent of the Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon. However, it does not burn well. The wick drowns in its own wax and it can barely sustain a flame. It tunnels badly even after letting it burn it for a couple hours (with a microscopic flame). I just cannot justify the price for a candle that performs badly. Especially because it's small in size too. 19 janvier 2013
Coté 5 sur 5 par The Best Smelling Candle Ever -- No Hyperbole Sweet Vanilla & Cinnamon (the other scents were only so-so) I went to my local Anthro this past weekend with my roommate. We shopped separately, then left for another store at the other end of the mall. Over halfway there, I asked her what she bought. She smiled and pulled out the Sweet Vanilla & Cinnamon candle. As soon as I smelled it, I knew I had to have it. I made my roommate turn around so I could go back and purchase it, even though we were on a time crunch. It smells that good. There are some aesthetically "prettier" candles on sale right now, but I feel like the scent is the most important thing when it comes to candles, and boy does this candle smell good. The Sweet Vanilla & Cinnamon is a fall/winter hybrid, and the cinnamon scent definitely resonates well and filled my entire bedroom when I lit it last night. Unlike the other scents available in this candle (namely the "Angel Food" candle), the Sweet Vanilla & Cinnamon is NOT sickly sweet. I HIGHLY recommend this product. It would make a perfect gift; the price is definitely reasonable enough to purchase this as a gift for an acquaintance, and the scent is such that I would purchase this as a gift for my best friend in an instant. 19 septembre 2011
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Soufflé à la citrouille N° de style : 993434 Avec un héritage de plus de 20 ans, la marque de parfum Illume basée au Minnesota est surtout connue pour ses bougies à combustion propre luxueusement parfumées. Chaque parfum unique est fabriqué à la main à partir d'ingrédients alimentaires entièrement naturels, comme la cire de noix de coco et des huiles essentielles, créant une atmosphère invitante lorsque vous les allumez. Les arômes appétissants de desserts français s'échappent de ces répliques de poteries parisiennes rétro. Bougie en bocal Boulangerie