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T-shirt Banter

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Coté 4 sur 5 par cute despite fading I wish I'd paid more attention to what other reviewers said about this fading so much and tried harder to preserve it. I didn't try turning it inside out or anything, and yeah, after a couple of washings it got super faded. I still wear it, just not quite as often as if it had stayed dark black, since it looks a little weird with actually black shoes and purse. The cut, style, and print are great otherwise. 16 septembre 2013
Coté 2 sur 5 par Cute but poorly made. Got the blue dots. Cut and style is so cute and flattering on me. And the color is great too. I really wish I could give this a good review. But like someone else mentioned in their review, I lost one of the sleeve buttons on the first wear -- on the way to work. It was there when I got in the car and gone when I arrived at the office. What the heck. Shamefully constructed with cheap fabric. Afraid to wash it now because of the other reviews. Hand wash and pray, I guess. le 21 mars 2013
Coté 4 sur 5 par Cute, But Not Much Shape I tried this on in store and found myself loving the cute blue polka-dot print. The fabric was lightweight and felt crisp (in a good way), but at the waist the top just lost a lot of shape, and I felt like I didn't have a waist. So the midsection was a little bit too boxy for my tastes. I passed. But the price is great! le 19 mars 2013
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BLEU N° de style : A26425868 Si vous ne réussissez pas du premier coup, essayez encore 300 (à peu près) fois. Ce fut la devise de notre acheteuse en chef quand vint le temps de trouver des motifs joyeux pour nos t-shirts cadeaux préférés. It wasn't until our very own print artists took it upon themselves to sketch these lovable beasties, blooms and stripes that our persnickety buyer - and entire staff, for that matter - fell hook, line and sinker. Or perhaps more fittingly: hare, line and squeaker. T-shirt Banter